Education Planning

The Education Planning Department is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the efficient delivery of sustainable and quality education throughout the education system, from preschools through to tertiary-level institutions.
Functions of the Education Planning Department

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • detailed planning for the provision of accommodation needs at each level of the education system
  • annual participation in budget preparation for each sector of the education system fashioning proposals for capital investment
  • developing systems and procedures for effective delivery of school programs
  • engagement in the formulation of policies/initiative assessing and prioritizing the training needs of the education system
  • conducting research as a means of improving the quality of education and teacher training in the education system where necessary.
  • Research supports our belief that the process of education is most effective and efficient when all stakeholders are involved: When the community (Church, Private sector Parents, Teachers, Youths, Adults) are involved they are more likely to embrace and support our efforts at the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Quinton Morton is the Director of Education Planning or the Education Planner.



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